5 breakfast ideas for Christmas

5 breakfast ideas for Christmas

The end of year celebrations are the time of year when breakfasts turn into a memorable feast around a well-stocked table, surrounded by our loved ones. What’s better than a yogurt-based breakfast to wake up your taste buds? To make your mornings more festive and delicious, here are 5 simple breakfast recipe ideas to try this Christmas period.


1- Christmas spiced yogurt

Start your day with a small, balanced meal: mix your creamy yogurt made with Original yogurt starters with nutmeg, honey and a pinch of cinnamon. To add crunch to your yogurt, you can add nuts and why not orange segments to add more deliciousness!


2- Light yogurt pancakes with applesauce

Little tip: add a little yogurt to your batter to make your pancakes lighter and fluffier. You can top your pancakes with homemade applesauce and a spoonful of yogurt. By sprinkling your pancakes with cinnamon, you guarantee an unforgettable Christmas aroma!


3- Christmas smoothie bowl with yogurt

During the holiday season, the days can be long. But there’s no question of starting without having had a good and quick breakfast! Use your yogurt made from starters enriched with probiotics and add your favorite red fruits. For a Christmas touch, choose toppings such as coconut, chocolate chips or even slices of kiwi.


4- Yogurt with winter flavors

For this Christmas breakfast recipe idea, get pieces of previously caramelized apples, crunchy granola, as well as fresh cranberries. Add all these ingredients to your yogurt and sprinkle your preparation with cinnamon.


5- Spicy cranberry muffins

A yogurt-based Christmas breakfast recipe that will bring sweetness to muffin lovers! Celebrate the flavors of the season with Cranberry Vanilla Muffins. Don’t hesitate to add yogurt for a light texture! These muffins will make an impact on your Christmas breakfast table!

At Yogourmet®, we believe that every Christmas breakfast can be transformed into a real moment of pleasure! Explore these recipes and make every bite unforgettable to brighten up your festive mornings. Give yourself the gift of a tasty and healthy start to the day with our yogurt starters!