Original yogurt starter

Making homemade yogurt? It’s possible and so simple! With our freeze-dried yogurt starter the result is always smooth and creamy. Do good to your health with 100 billion live and active bacteria per 100 g serving! Once made, homemade yogurt keeps for 2 to 3 weeks in the refrigerator.

icon_leading Leading yogurt starter for 20+ years in Canada
icon_dollar Easy and economical
icon_time Fast incubation (4½ hours)
icon_no_preservatives No preservatives or coloring agents
icon_gluten_free Gluten free
icon_kosher Kosher certified
icon_halal_certified Halal certified

Each 18 g box makes 6 liters of fresh yogurt


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Active bacterial cultures (L. bulgaricus, S. thermophilus, L. acidophilus), maltodextrin and sugar.
Contains: Milk

This product is manufactured in a facility that manipulates products containing soy and milk.


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12 reviews

star star star star star Dana, location Milwaukee, United States - 19/02/2017

100% success for over ten years

I used a variety of cultures before I discovered Yogourmet and none of the others have the quality of taste nonr the reliability of Yogourmet. In fact, the taste of both the Yogourmet normal yogurt starter and the probiotic yogurt starter make the best yogurt with a rich taste that is more flavorful than ANY commercial yogurt.

star Alaa, location Richmond, United States - 04/01/2020

About yogurt starter

It does not work at all I don't have a yogurt maker but it doesn't not recommend

star star star star star kal, location United States - 29/03/2021

Best starter

Best starter out there. I've been making yogurt with this brand for many years and use their yogurt maker. It makes the yogurt creamy and delicious

star star star star star Kjerstin, location Landfall, United States - 16/02/2018

Best Yogurt Starter EVER!

This is the AMBROSIA of Yogourt.. I have been using Youourmet products for years - I like it best using whole organic milk but have made it will all kinds of organic milk. It is super easy to make. I have been using the same yourgourt maker for years - I have two of them - they are good and keep working, (I just need to be able to make extra when guests are coming.) It is wonderful to eat something that is this healthful - it just brings contentment and a sense of well being... THANK YOU

star star star star star Dean, location United States - 06/05/2019


A fantastic culture that gives a nice balance of sweet and tangy with no off-notes. Reminds me of the high end yogurts I've tasted in Europe and Iceland. I've been making yogurt for more than a decade. This is my favorite.

star star star star star Umberto, location San Diego, United States - 16/09/2020

Great creamy yogurt that’s easy to make

I used to buy yogurt at the store. The problem is that most commercial yogurts are full of fillers and sugar. I switched to making my own using the Yogourmet yogurt starter a few years ago. I typically make one batch per week. The process is simple and it makes natural and creamy yogurt. I strongly recommend it.

star star star star star Beatriz, location Plano, TX, United States - 05/01/2021


This product is the best on the market, I use it since a long time a go, I will recommended 100% the regular starter it is the best, and I hope it will be on the supermarkets shelves as soon as possible

star star star star star Maria, location VAN BUREN TWP, MI, United States - 08/01/2021

My go to

I have been buying this for over 10 years. I started making yogurt later (wasn't raised with fresh dairy like this) but I'm the maven of yogurt making. I started with scalding milk in my microwave (tastes better than in a pan) and then adding the culture and incubating in the oven on "proof" cycle. When I got my electric pressure cooker I just incubated in the pressure cooker.ater I discovered cold start using ultra pasteurized milk and that was a game changer as far as simplicity. The when time Yogourmet has never failed me. I'm now making yogurt for others and my cousin's husband eats this as his go to nutritional boost during chemo. He's hooked. I've use both the yogurt and kefir starters and they are both great.

star star star Jeremiah, location Houston Texas, United States - 26/12/2016

Peach with grape yogurt

First I got to wash my hands, then I get the material that I am going to use. Get the peach yogurt, then I get grapes. I get 1 yogurt for 1 person and get a bowl, then I put the yogurt in the bowl. Now I can put the grape, not whole I cut the pieces. This is Jeremiah and I am only 12 please like it and thank you all

star star star star star Anne, location United States - 14/10/2018

Perfect every time

I have been making my own yogurt for years, and this starter has worked perfectly each time.

star star star star star James, location Atlanta, United States - 25/03/2020

Very nice

I got this in the mail, as I could not wait to use it. When I did. It turn out very nice. I am looking to get more of this.


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25 questions

Barb, location port angeles, United States - 06/03/2016check marc

Can I use Yogourmet products with almond milk?

Yogourmet replied:
Hi Barb, unfortunately the tests that we have run several years ago have demonstrated that it is not possible to make yogurt and kefir with almond, coco or rice beverages. It is possible though to make yogurt and kefir with certain soy beverages, see soy beverages list for more information.

David, location Fremont, United States - 24/04/2016check marc

Will Yogourmet work with almond milk?

Yogourmet replied:
The tests that we have run several years ago have demonstrated that it is not possible to make yogurt and kefir with almond, coco or rice beverages. It is possible though to make yogurt and kefir with certain soy beverages, see soy beverages list for more information.

Deb, location Oceanside, United States - 23/04/2016check marc

I'm using a Donvier electronic yogurt maker with 42 ounces of milk and 5 g starter. Donvier instructions say start at 10 hours while your instructions say 4 to 4 1/2 hours. Is there a way to tell when it's done?

Yogourmet replied:
Hi Deb, we are not familiar with the Donvier electronic yogurt maker but I can say you are using the right amount of yogurt starter for the amount of milk. Concerning the incubation period, your type of machine generally takes longer to incubate because the heating element is less powerful than yogurt makers with a single container. You can check between 6 and 8 hours if the yogurt has set (thick enough), if so you can put the jars in the refrigerator, if not you must let them incubate longer.

Diana, location Tucson, United States - 02/02/2016check marc

I normally use probiotic starter but trying regular starter today. For probiotic, I incubate for 14+ hours but original starter says 4.0 - 4.5 hours. Why is there such a difference in the incubation times?

Yogourmet replied:
Hi Diana, the Yogourmet probiotic starter requires a gradual increase of temperature from 73-77°F to 110°F while the original starter incubates at a steady 110°F. Also, the different types of bacteria do not take the same time to develop.

Dorothy, location Bloomington, United States - 30/06/2015check marc

Can Yogourmet be used with almond or cashew milk?

Yogourmet replied:
Hi Dorothy, the tests that we have run several years ago have demonstrated that it is not possible to make yogurt and kefir with almond, coco or rice beverages. It is possible though to make yogurt and kefir with certain soy beverages, see soy beverages list for more information.

Ein, location Kwanak, South Korea - 11/08/2015check marc

Hi, I'd like to know how many CFU it has in a packet.

Yogourmet replied:
Hi Ein, the starter contains > 1 billion active bacterial culture per gram while the yogurt will contain +/- 1 billion active bacterial culture per gram/milliliter.

Ellen, location Martinez , United States - 24/09/2015check marc

Following the directions on the box, the end product is thin. Also, how do I get the full recipe of seven 6 ounce jars? I'm only getting five.

Yogourmet replied:
Hi Ellen, if you want to obtain a thicker yogurt you have several options, the first one is to use milk with higher fat percentage, like 2% or 3.25%. You can also add half a cup of milk powder per quart of milk before the incubation. Finally you can add gelatin to the milk before heating it. If your machine has small jars you can use 5 g of yogurt starter for 42 ounces of milk, usually we recommend to use a 5 g starter packet for 1 quart (32 ounces) of milk but it should work anyway.

Ev, location Harrison, United States - 18/04/2015check marc

I have yogourmet freeze-dried packets and I must have thrown out the instructions in English. Could you send them to me? Thanks.

Yogourmet replied:
Hi Ev, you can find the information you are looking for on our website in the "Directions" section. Look for the "Summarised versions" or "By milk type".

Grid, location San Francisco, United States - 20/02/2016check marc

What is the shelf-life of the starter and does it have to be refrigerated? Thanks.

Yogourmet replied:
Hi Grid, we highly recommend to keep the different Yogourmet starters refrigerated or frozen in order to maintain a high bacterial concentration. When kept refrigerated, the different Yogourmet starters keep their freshness an additional year, passed the expiry date, and more when kept frozen. If the room temperature stays below 77°F, the starter is good till the expiry date which is usually 30 months.

Jane, location San Francisco, United States - 24/01/2016check marc

Is it possible to use yogurt from a batch as a starter for a new batch? If so, directions? Pros and cons?

Yogourmet replied:
Hi Jane, to obtain top quality yogurt, it is better to use a Yogourmet pouch every time. You may however start a new batch of yogurt from a part of a previous one made with the Yogourmet original yogurt starter. We do not recommend this practice because the texture and taste might change in the next batches. In order to proceed, use 60 ml (1/4 cup) of yogurt from a previous batch to start a new batch of 1 litre, or 120 ml (1/2 cup) for 2 litres. To avoid possibilities of contamination, we suggest to reserve the portion of yogurt that will be used as a starter before you start taking some yogurt to eat.

Kat, location Portland, United States - 29/03/2016check marc

Will this work with ultra-pasteurized goat milk?

Yogourmet replied:
Hi Kat, yes it will work with ultra-pasteurized goat milk.

La Donna, location Sterling, United States - 25/01/2016check marc

Will this starter work in an electric Miracle Yogurt maker that has 7 little jars? Thank you.

Yogourmet replied:
Hi La Donna, our original yogurt starter works with any make of appliance, according to the instructions of the machine.

Laurie, location Lafayette, United States - 18/04/2015check marc

Is this starter reusable batch after batch of yogurt?

Yogourmet replied:
Hi Laurie, yes it's possible to do so. You may start a new batch of yogurt from a part of a previous one made with the Yogourmet original yogurt starter. We do not recommend this practice because the texture and taste might change in the next batches. In order to proceed, use 60 ml (1/4 cup) of yogurt from a previous batch to start a new batch of 1 litre, or 120 ml (1/2 cup) for 2 litres. Does not apply to our starter with probiotics, see FAQ for more information.

Matthew, location minneapolis, United States - 15/02/2016check marc

Love your products and had great success in the past, but my current batch isn't working. I've already wasted a gallon of milk and the culture hasn't worked. the batch is RO5536. EXP/ JUL. 2017.

Yogourmet replied:
Hi Matthew, thanks for the feedback, glad to hear you've had such a great experience with our products so far but I am sorry to hear you had trouble with your last batch. Since we didn't have any issues with this batch number I think there is two possible problems. The first one would be that the culture you bought at the store has not been kept properly so the yogurt bacteria are not live and active anymore. The other possibility is that your yogurt maker is not keeping the right temperature. Are you using a yogurt maker? Is it the Yogourmet Multi?

Michelle, location Las Cruces, United States - 01/09/2016check marc

I bought a package of your yogurt starter from a store off the shelf. I was surprised to find it there and not in the freezer section. Is that normal to have them there or should they be kept cold?

Yogourmet replied:
Madam : We thank you for your interest in the Yogourmet products. Though it is safe to keep the packets in a cool and dry place, we recommend that you keep them refrigerated or frozen once home. Keeping the packets refrigerated or frozen ensures that the yogurt will reach the same standards in the same incubation period. Otherwise, a longer incubation period might be required and the yogurt might be less acidic as the best before date approaches. This also means that a packet that is beyond the best before date might still work, requiring a longer incubation period. Best regards.

Mira, location Houston, United States - 25/04/2015check marc

Is there lactose in the starter? I also have the same question about the probiotic starter.

Yogourmet replied:
Hi Mira, all of our starters contain a skim milk powder base. On the other hand, at the moment you'll eat the yogurt there will be a very small trace of lactose since the yogurt bacteria facilitates lactose digestion. It's the same thing for probiotic yogurt starter.

Ong, location Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia - 11/05/2016check marc

Dear sir/madam, hello. I am Miss Ong. May I know if i am not finishing up the 5 g per packet in one time... Can I keep it and be used on next time? If yes, how long can it be kept? Thanks.

Yogourmet replied:
Hi Miss Ong, the other half (5 g) of the 10 g packet will keep until the expiry date at room temperature (below 25°C). When kept refrigerated, the different Yogourmet starters keep their freshness an additional year, passed the expiry date, and more when kept frozen. If you don't use the totality of the 5 g half-packet, close it the best you can and keep it in the refrigerator or even in the freezer if possible.

Pedro, location San Juan, United States - 25/05/2015check marc

My yogurt will not be creamy after more than 12 hours of incubation (I also add 1 gelatin package to starter). Why?

Yogourmet replied:
Hi Pedro, we are sorry to hear you had trouble making homemade yogurt with our products. Did you heat the milk to 180°F then let it cool down to 108-112°F before adding the yogurt starter?. Was your incubation temperature steady at 112°F? You also need to put the yogurt at least 8 hours in the refrigerator to stop the incubation and thicken the mix. If you did all this right maybe the starter you used was not fresh enough (not enough live and active bacteria).

Robert, location Marietta, United States - 04/05/2015check marc

If you "cook" the yogurt preparation for more than 4 1/2 hours will this increase the number of bacteria?

Yogourmet replied:
Hi Robert, the answer is yes. In fact if you incubate the yogurt during a longer period of time the bacteria will grow more and the yogurt will be much thicker. However, the taste will be much sour.

Shelia M, location Leland, United States - 16/02/2016check marc

Just wondering can I make or use this yogurt starter to make Kiefer. I'm a newbie with all of this.

Yogourmet replied:
Hi Shelia M, to make kefir you don't need a machine, you only need a clean airtight container. Close the lid and let stand at room temperature until firm (about 24 hours). See complete directions here.

SHERI, location CLEARWATER, United States - 14/05/2016check marc

What are the cows fed that it comes from? Is it gmo free?

Yogourmet replied:
Hi Sheri, the milk contained into the different Yogourmet starters comes from Canada, where growth hormones are not allowed. Also, milk that would be produced by a cow having an antibiotic treatment would be rejected automatically. Furthermore, Canadian milk, regardless of whether it is organic or conventional milk, undergoes strict milk quality production procedures and rigorous testing to assure that you have the highest quality milk to enjoy. Source: http://www.albertamilk.com/ask-dairy-farmer/ive-started-buying-organic-milk-based-on-the-assum/

Toni, location Lakeport, United States - 01/06/2016check marc

I have SIBO and can eat 24-hour yogurt. I'm told that is has to incubate between 110-110 degrees; If I use a batch that got warm for a starter will it make probiotics again?

Yogourmet replied:
Hi Toni, indeed, if you want to make homemade yogurt with the Yogourmet original yogurt starter you need to let the milk cool down to 110°F before beginning the incubation. If you want to make homemade probiotic yogurt over 24 hours it will probably not work because the incubation period for the Yogourmet probiotic starter is between 9 and 15 hours. Moreover, with homemade probiotic yogurt you need to let the milk cool down to 73-77°F before adding the starter and beginning the incubation.

William, location Iola, United States - 09/09/2016check marc

Can I freeze the extra freeze-dried starter powder instead of refrigerate?

Yogourmet replied:
Sir : We thank you for your confidence in the Yogourmet products. We highly recommend to keep the Yogourmet packets refrigerated or frozen. When kept frozen, they easily keep their freshness a year over the expiry date. Best regards.


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Net weight

18 g (6 sachets of 3g each)

For 6 liters (quarts)


64.5 x 29.5 x 94.5 mm
2.54 x 1.16 x 3.72 in