#1 Leading brand in homemade yogurt and kefir making since 1983

Our mission:

To produce lactic, probiotic and non-dairy cultures so consumers who care about their health can easily prepare homemade yogurt or kefir.

The great taste of homemade yogurt and kefir, 100% natural.

Easy, natural, delicious. Yogourmet offers you a complete solution for homemade yogurts and fermented milks, such as kefir, that will meet all your needs and healthy food choices.

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Symbole dollar

Economical (40 to 50% compared to store-bought yogurt)

Symbole concentration

Higher concentration of live and active cultures (compared to store-bought yogurt & kefir)

Symbole go green

Ecological (reuse of the container)

Symbole temps

Incubation between 4 and 4 ½ hours (for the original Yogourmet yogurt starter)