Sachet weight

Part of our continuous improvement program, the Yogourmet® product range has been reviewed and improved. 🎈

While the core characteristics such as taste remain untouched, the product composition, consistency and packaging have been updated.🔝

After a careful review of our products, one of the points that stood out was the unnecessary excess of excipient* in the product composition.

Leveraging our expertise in culture manufacturing, we increased the culture concentration to reduce the excipient by 40% while maintaining the product bacterial count and performance, and decreasing the sachet weight from 5g to 3g.

Rest assured this change will not affect your home-making process, the directions remain the same : use 1 sachet per liter/quart of milk to produce your delicious yogurts & kefirs !🥛

*An excipient is a substance formulated alongside the active ingredient to aid the manufacturing process, and to protect, support and enhance the stability of the product over shelf-life.

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