Why you should make your own yogurt!

Not quite sure if you should make your own yogurt yet? Here are some good reasons to go for it! ✨
1️⃣Making your own yogurt with Yogourmet® starters means choosing the milk you want, whether it is of animal or plant origin.
2️⃣Yogourmet® starters are composed of selected strains of L. bulgaricus, S. thermophilus and L. acidophilus that promote gut health and boost the immune system.
3️⃣Less plastic and unnecessary packaging in the trash.
4️⃣Homemade yogurts made with Yogourmet® starters are sweet, rich in flavor and smooth! To obtain your desired results it’s up to you: you can choose your favorite milk, try a longer incubation time to make it sourer, or even add toppings!
5️⃣You can flavor your yogurt as you want, and it is healthier than classic yogurts that are often rich in sugar and/or poor in fruits.
6️⃣It’s fast and easy to make! Our yogurts are ready in one night!
Now, that being said… the most challenging part is to wait until the next day to enjoy it 😉
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